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Rutabaga with Lampascioni, Oil

Approaching the Maison, Provence, France

Making Cabbage Soup, Oil -Winner Award 2014 Bold Expressions at Northern California Arts (SOLD)

Freshly Picked Apples, Oil (SOLD)

Gazing Up into the Tree, Oil

Every Creature Has A Home, Oil stick (SOLD)

Lavendar Gardens Behind Ancient Walls, Provence

Marsh Area Along Foley River, North Carolina (COMMISSION)

Natural Splendor Oil, on canvas (SOLD)

Lady in Velvet and Fur, OIl

Hidden Trail To Munson Creek Falls, Oregon oil

Morning at the Boat Pond, Oil

Wild Funghi - pencil drawing

White Rose Buds, Charcoal (SOLD)

Lower Road to Vineyard, Provence, France (SOLD)