Party’s Over
Approaching the Maison, Provence, France
Study 4
Dancin’ Shoes
Spring Forsythia with Porcelain
Woman with Attitude
Topsy Turvy Tea
Study 5
Natural Splendor

Pat Gericke Artist Resident Member of Salmagundi Art Club • 47 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Inspirational and beautiful original Oil paintings by Pat Gericke

Making Cabbage Soup, Oil -Winner Award 2014 Bold Expressions at Northern California Arts (SOLD)

Robert-Jean Ray:

“This painting was beautifully done. It reminds me of the social comments made by 17th century Dutch painters, through the use of still life compositions. (vanitas).

It was bold of  the artist to have entered this piece into the show. It makes an indirect social statement; or, is it direct?”